Roberta Fišere

Reconnecting the Port and the City: Passenger Terminal in Riga

Master's Project, Tutor: Marts Švēde

Riga historically has developed as a port city, but today the city's connection to the waterfront is blocked by the Freeport of Riga, breaking the sense of belonging to the waterfront areas. Master’s Thesis studies the relationships between the man and the built environment to understand the social and spatial principles on how society identifies with the environment and forms related activities.

The project is based on the Riga Municipality plan to develop infrastructure for a Passenger Terminal in Eksportosta. The concept emphasises Eksportosta’s industrial heritage to strengthen the sense of belonging and create a unique spatial character. The project proposes to maintain the existing activities of contemporary art and reintroduce the typology of passenger terminal as a melting pot between tourism, leisure and contemporary culture.

An elevated promenade stretches across the territory to provide a unique opportunity to observe the activities taking place in the passenger port. The project aims to create a new image of an inclusive port which reconnects the port and the city.

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