Raigardas Sinkevičius

War and the City: System of Passive Defense in the Urban Structure

Master's Project, Tutor: Saulius Motieka

The master's thesis delves into the phenomenon (vision) of the passive defense system in urban structures and its principles. Currently, these principles are forgotten, but they are becoming relevant again in the context of contemporary geopolitical events. The purpose of the topic is to research passive defense, civil defense, civil safety and and transformation possibilities in the context of the city of Vilnius and to present a functional spatial interpretation of the resistance of the structure of the selected territory, including the interaction of underground, geography and urban fabrics. The research part presents the analysis of the city of Vilnius from the aspect of passive defense. Vulnerable areas of the city are analyzed. Naujininkai is identified as the most vulnerable part of the city of Vilnius. After discovering the vulnerable part of the city and conducting an analysis, a concept is formulated to improve the district's resistance to the conventional threat of war.

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