Darja Rakovitš

Urban Space Between High-Rise Buildings. The Maakri Quarter

Master's Project, Tutor: Üllar Ambos

By the middle of the 20th century, high-rise buildings have become a regular part of the architectural landscape of most countries around the world. The tall building was, is, and remains the main instrument for achieving the vertical density of the city, which gives the opportunity to use the urban space both economically and socially more efficiently.
However, buildings of prominent height have a significant impact on the urban space around them. Quite often, high-rise buildings have received a negative image in modern urban planning because they spoil the decent and comfortable urban space around them, making them windy and desolate.
The focus of the Master's thesis is the urban space between high-rise buildings. The thesis seeks an answer to the question of how to create a high-quality and human-scale urban space with high-rise buildings in such a way that people desire to be, live, work and spend time in the created urban space.

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