TTK University of Applied Sciences Institute of Architecture

TTK University of Applied Sciences (TTK UAS) is a state professional higher education institution, offering competitive professional higher education in the fields of engineering, production, technology, architecture and construction. TTK University of Applied Sciences is the largest university of applied sciences in Estonia, currently educating more than 2200 students. TTK UAS offers a 4-year professional higher education study programme (240 ECTS), for daily learners. University has got 6 institutes with 15 study programs. All the study programmes have passed the quality assessment and have got the licence for conducting studies. The institute is led by its director, architect Hindrek Kesler who is also the head of the Applied Architecture Curriculum. The study process involves acquiring both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Practical training, workshops and engineering practice in a company are inseparable parts of becoming an applied architect or an environmental technologist. The leading professor of the Institute of Architecture is Japanese architect Tomomi Hayashi, who has studied in Japan and in the USA. Currently, there are 135 students studying and 25 lecturers teaching at the Institute. All teachers who are acting with architectural design and supervising course projects are acknowledged practising architects of Estonia and abroad. The aim of the curriculum of Applied Architecture is to prepare competent team architects for bureaus and to make it possible for the students to continue their studies. The students who have graduated from the institute are highly valued in Estonian projecting bureaus. Many of them have continued their studies in Master´s programs and they have become well-known architects.

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