Tallinn University of Technology

Taltech is in a leading position in technically oriented research, development and innovation in Estonia. The TalTech BSc-MSc integrated five-year architecture curriculum offers professional higher education in architecture and spatial planning with a focus on knowledge-intensive design processes producing knowledge-intensive solutions, advancing the digital transformation in the construction sector, in the context of the e-Estonia brand. The study program is part of the Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies, which aims to provide platforms for creative collaboration between different disciplines, in partnership with industry, the public sector and other leading research centres. In redefining the polytechnic education in architecture, our mission is to drive excellence in architecture through cross-disciplinary, future-oriented research and research-driven education. We teach our students to master the societal, environmental, cultural and economic complexity through collaborative and digitized processes. Architecture is created with technology and of technology – not despite technology. The curriculum follows European traditions in giving architects a solid polytechnic background. It includes creativity improvement, engineering and other studies that in combination provide graduates with the capacity to plan and execute quality projects. It aims to give the students, future architects, outstanding competencies at the labour market in Estonia and internationally to become successful future designers of living environment with attention for sustainable spatial solutions.

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