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Founded in 1862, Riga Technical University is the first higher technical school in the Baltic countries. At present, it offers studies in Architecture, Engineering Sciences, Natural and Environmental Sciences as well as in Engineering Economics. Faculty of Architecture provides architectural education at all levels of undergraduate and graduate education as well as undertakes scientific research. The number of students is about 300 and the yearly number of graduates is about 45 at Bachelor level and 35 at master level. 30 full-time and part-time teachers are involved in the study process. The Faculty of Architecture consists of the Department of History and Theory of Architecture, Department of Architectural Design, Department of Fine Arts and Centre of Urban Planning. Since the 1990s, the university has been active in attracting foreign staff and students and creating joint-degree programmes and international mobility projects. RTU has more than 400 international agreements with foreign universities and is participating in Erasmus+, many networks and projects. The Bachelor’s programme in Architecture establishes the foundation in academic matters and competence in research leading to architectural design. At this level, within three and a half years, competence in primary professional matters is attained, which allows students to continue education in the two-year master program of Architecture. Studies in the master program prepare qualified specialists in architecture who can independently work in design offices and state and local government institutions. The architect can undertake appropriate research work, be a knowledgeable professional critic, prepare complete project implementation plans, and also provide expert’s testimony and consulting services. After graduation from the master program and three years of supervised practice, an architect may apply for a Professional Certificate that authorises for independent practice.

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