Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Currently, the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Kaunas University of Technology prepares wide profile architects having not only artistic abilities but also highly understanding means used by the architect – constructions, engineering infrastructure, building materials, urban context, environmental challenges, etc. Architecture study programmes provide diverse study modules through which architecture, as a discipline involving design and technology on built environment is explored in creative ways. Specifying the pedagogical direction, the integrated study programme at its core operates as a Studio system, the two years master study programme is oriented towards scientific research. On a tactical level, incorporating diverse informational fields into the process of producing/reproducing spaces, the approaches are accompanied by critical inquiries on the existent typologies through related historical, cultural, philosophical examinations, and by rigorous tests on aesthetic prototyping through structural, material, engineering, as well as environmental, aesthetic, social and economic investigations. With the integration of study modules, set in interdisciplinary coordination with other programmes, the programmes of Architecture encourage individual students to broaden and deepen their experience of architecture in a way of rediscovering the self, thus, to develop distinct characters in the course of becoming architects. KTU graduates by using acquired abilities and knowledge can successfully work in companies engaged in both architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. The Architecture study programmes have a slogan – contextual design of any object, improving the quality of living, working and recreational environment and enhancing sustainability. Currently, the faculty pursues two study programmes for the preparation of Master of Arts in the field of Architecture: 5 years integrated study programme and 2 years master study programme. Since the year 2011, the faculty pursues art critique PhD studies. Integrated and second cycle art study programmes, the third cycle of the humanities study programme and all three study cycles of technology programmes in presence aside each other create to KTU added value of architecture studies, foster non-formal training atmosphere and stimulate interdisciplinary understanding of architecture.

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