Mark Aleksander Fischer

Planning Affordable Housing in Northern Tallinn Kopli Freight Station – the Last Piece of the Puzzle in the Socio-Economic Landscape of Northern Tallinn

Master's Project, Tutor: Andres Alver, Douglas Gordon

This thesis addresses the pressing issue of affordable housing in Tallinn, Estonia. It aims to devise a solution to the current housing crisis by creating a model neighbourhood where diverse socio-economic groups can coexist in proportion to their representation in society. The research delves into various international models of affordable housing and examines the real estate landscape in Tallinn. The thesis is divided into three sections: the first provides a theoretical framework, exploring key concepts, the second studies real estate development models used globally, and the third applies these models to the context of Tallinn, particularly the Kopli Freight Station area. By analysing income distribution and considering the prerequisites for social urban spaces, the study proposes an urban plan to combat gentrification and segregation, promoting a socially inclusive environment in Northern Tallinn.

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