Holistic Renovation of Modernism Housing

April 14th, 2022

“Holistic Renovation of Modernist Quarters” – online conference on April 11, 2022

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 “Holistic Renovation of Modernist Quarters” is a joint project of Regions I and II of the International Union of Architects. The event was initiated by the Lithuanian Union of Architects and the Association of Baltic Architects' Unions (BAUA). The partners are the Madrid Forum 2022 and the European Council of Architects. The project as event series is part of the Madrid Forum 2022 program “Affordable Housing”.

 The goal of the project is to discuss key topics, highlight challenges, share experiences, and present best practices in renovating Europe's holistic neighborhoods.

 The event consists of two parts. The first was the online conference on April 11, 2022. The second is an exhibition and a digital album presenting analytical texts and the best examples of holistic renovations of modernist quarters from different countries. The exhibition will take place in Madrid from 16 to 30 May during the “Affordable Housing” Forum.

 The topic “Holistic Renovation of Modernist Quarters” is the response of the Baltic States to the invitation of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) program. However, we firmly believe that this topic is important for all countries with a large post-war heritage – entire quarters of modern prefabricated reinforced concrete residential buildings. Post-Soviet countries face identical problems, and other European countries must assess the prospects for modernist housing estates. Reinforced concrete buildings assembled on construction sites 50-70 years ago are worn out, uneconomical and no longer attractive to their residents. In addition to their poor physical condition, such apartment buildings do not meet modern needs and lifestyles, look shabby, gray and visually unattractive.

Public renovation programs are currently underway in various countries, but they usually stop at insulation and other energy-saving solutions.

 Through events and activities, we aim to create a movement, model and methodology, and later a pilot project that goes far beyond: improving the overall indoor and outdoor spaces of each apartment, while maintaining the visual quality and architectural integrity of the entire neighborhood. Of course, the renovation process must also involve the residents. In addition, we will seek new financial and legal instruments to enable the participation of various public and private institutions. And finally, the renovation must not leave out the most vulnerable social groups, who usually live in such neighborhoods. It must create an attractive living environment for everyone.

 Organizers: UIA, BAUA, Lithuanian Union of ArchitectsLatvian Union of ArchitectsEstonian Union of Architects

Partners: AHAACE
Sponsors: Lithuanian Culture Council, Estonian Cultural Foundation, Latvian State Cultural Capital Foundation

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