BAUA's statement regarding Russian aggression towards Ukraine

March 1st, 2022

Baltic Architects Unions Association
28th of February 2022 Vilnius-Riga-Tallinn

BAUA's statement regarding Russian aggression towards Ukraine

The morning of the 24th of February 2022, the 104th anniversary of the Estonian Republic, came with feared news – Russia launched wide-scale warfare in Ukraine. The main goal for all architects is to create and maintain an appropriate environment for humanity. Russian aggression in Ukraine has an absolutely opposite target. Countless people lose their shelters joining the flow of the refugees. Human lives, cultural values, dwellings, and infrastructure are submitted to destruction.

Within the framework of the International Union of Architects UIA, we are in the same region as the current aggressor, Russia, and the victim of this aggression, Ukraine. In 2019 during the international conference held in Riga the experts, planners, and architects from both UIA Region 1 and Region 11 discussed migration. Back then it was hard to foresee, how actual the topic would become in a short course of time not only regarding global pandemics but also in respect of warfare right in the heart of Europe.

BAUA condemns Kremlin's military invasion in Ukraine and demands to stop it immediately. We are united with the people of Ukraine in its struggle for independence.

Russian and Belarusian associations must condemn the war against Ukraine or their UIA membership will be stopped for an undetermined time.

BAUA insists strongly for UIA to declare clearly that the UIA geographical structure, following the front line of the Gold War and dividing Europe, must change. Let's move this structure as a fossil relict to the bin of history! The only natural way is to create one region - Europe.

Ukraine will be the winner of that conflict between democracy and autocracy. Morally Ukraine has already won this battle. The World is with Ukraine! Ukraine and the democratic World will win due to the will of the fight, western aid, and God! 

Representative of Lithuania  –
Ruta Leitanaite
BAUA Vice-president, UIA Council member (Region 2)

Representative of Estonia –
Hindrek Kesler
BAUA Vice-president (Estonia)

Representative of Latvia –
Juris Poga
BAUA President (Latvia)

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