Kristina Marcinkutė

Feasibility Study of the Territory Development in R. Budrio Str. 30, in Raudondvaris Eldership

Master's Project, Tutor: Vidmantas Minkevičius

Kaunas-based Catholic community "Gyvieji akmenys" is active since 1992. In 2001, the organisation acquired R. Budrys‘ homestead at R. Budrys st. 30., Didvyriai village, Kaunas district. For 20 years, the house, located on a hillside next to the beautiful Nemunas river valley, has been used for recollection retreats and other community events, but the small building does not meet all the needs of the community.
Feasibility study of the territory was done for the master‘s final project. The final experimental project of the multi-functional center was prepared to achieve the synthesis of spiritual and material ecological harmony. The center has two main functions - community center and a retreat center. The retreat center includes a guest house, traditional crafts workshops, a craft exhibition/event hall and a chapel. Combining the goals of maintaining the existing atmosphere and the principles of sustainable architectural construction, principles of both modern and traditional architecture were fused.

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