The Best Graduation Projects of Architecture Students of Baltic States 2023

BAUA Student Awards 2023


15 projects from 15 students in this year’s exhibition and competition represent 7 Baltic architecture schools: Riga Technical University (LV), Riseba University of Applied Sciences (LV); Estonian Academy of Arts (EST); Tallinn University of Technology Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies (EST); Kaunas Technology University (LT); Vilnius Academy of Arts (LT) and Architecture and Urban Design departments of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (LT);

The projects submitted to the exhibition and competition were selected by the universities. Each school selected two Master’s works for the exhibition.


The graduation works are evaluated by the jury, consisting of licensed architects who are not involved in teaching architecture at any of the participating schools in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

Jury members

International - Kasper Reimer, architect at EFFEKT, Denmark

LV - Dina Suhanova, board member of the Latvian Association of Architects (LAS)


EE - Kristel Niisuke, architect at NIKITA ATIKIN

Evaluation criteria

Conceptuality, originality and innovativeness coherent architectural and urban idea aesthetics of the presentation.

Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA, est. 1914) is the only one of the six public universities in Estonia providing higher education in fine arts, design, architecture, media, visual studies, art culture and conservation. The Academy consists of four faculties: Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Art and Culture. In addition to active study and research activities, EAA also offers lifelong learning opportunities through the Open Academy. Currently, there are more than 1200 students enrolled in the Academy.

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Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Currently, the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Kaunas University of Technology prepares wide profile architects having not only artistic abilities but also highly understanding means used by the architect – constructions, engineering infrastructure, building materials, urban context, environmental challenges, etc. Architecture study programmes provide diverse study modules through which architecture, as a discipline involving design and technology on built environment is explored in creative ways.

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Riga Technical University Architecture faculty

Founded in 1862, Riga Technical University is the first higher technical school in the Baltic countries. At present, it offers studies in Architecture, Engineering Sciences, Natural and Environmental Sciences as well as in Engineering Economics. Faculty of Architecture provides architectural education at all levels of undergraduate and graduate education as well as undertakes scientific research.

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RISEBA University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Architecture and Design

The Faculty of Architecture and Design at the RISEBA University of Applied Sciences was established in 2011. It offers international architecture studies in Latvia in two successive cycles - the Bachelor’s Study Programme “Architecture” (3.5 years, 210 ECTS) and the Professional Master’s Programme “Architecture” (2 years, 120 ECTS).

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Tallin University of Technology

Taltech is in a leading position in technically oriented research, development and innovation in Estonia. The TalTech BSc-MSc integrated five-year architecture curriculum offers professional higher education in architecture and spatial planning with a focus on knowledge-intensive design processes producing knowledge-intensive solutions, advancing the digital transformation in the construction sector, in the context of the e-Estonia brand.

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Vilnius Academy of Arts

Lithuania has an old tradition of educating its architects. The first department of architecture was founded back in 1793 at Vilnius University. Among these, the present-day Department of Architecture of Vilnius Academy of Arts and its program stand out through the integration of general university and speciality (and related engineering fields) subjects with thorough studies of arts.

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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Faculty of Architecture

The roots of the Department of Architecture are in Kaunas when in the year 1922 it was established in the Faculty of Technique of the newly-founded Lithuanian University. During the initial stage, it was supervised by Prof. Mukolas Songaila. During long years the Department of Architecture was changing its place – in the beginning, it was part of Vytautas Magnus University, later – Kaunas Polytechnic institute, after the restructuring of this institute, in 1971 Architecture Department was moved from Kaunas to Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute (now VGTU), to the newly created Faculty of Architecture This school of architecture, until the end of 70-ties (as part of the technological university), was educating architects engineers.

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Organizer and partners

Latvian Association of Architects
Latvian Association of Architects
Architects Association of Lithuania



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